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Windscribe MS Edge Extension helps you mask your physical location, circumvent censorship, and block ads and trackers on websites you use every day.
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Advanced Privacy
Take back control of your privacy.
Governments block content based on your location and corporations track and sell your personal data.Windscribe is not just a proxy extension. It's a suite of privacy tools that help you avoid all that bullshit.
Cookie Monster
This feature deletes 1st or 3rd party cookies when you close the tab.
Do Not Disturb
Tired for sites asking you to send notifications? Make them go away with this feature.
WebRTC Slayer
Prevents WebRTC leaks that plague most proxy extensions and VPNs.
Location Warp
Sites can request your GPS location why bypasses most proxies and VPNs. Not with Windscribe.
Time Warp
Sites can detect that your IP doesn't match your browser's time zone. This feature solves this problem.
Language Warp
Sets your language and locale settings to match the connected proxy.
Split Personality
Randomly rotates your user agent to combat browser fingerprinting.
Workers Block
Blocks web workers from running in the background.
Advanced Blocking
Take back control of your privacy.
Prevent hackers from stealing your data while you use public WiFi, and block annoying advertisers from stalking you online. Just a VPN will not protect you from this.
Ad Crusher
Indiscriminately annihilate all annoying ads with extreme prejudice.
Tracker Eradicator
Stop trackers that sell your data in their filthy tracks.
Malware Evader
Block access to known malware, phishing and other malicious domains.
Social Distancing
Social networks are the biggest privacy invaders out there. Block their trackers.
Cookie Go Away
Blocks annoying “We use cookies” banners on all websites.
Advanced Mode
Manage all blocklists through the native uBlock interface.
Unparalleled Connectivity
Stay protected no matter what happens.
We got you covered, even when shit hits the fan. Choose from two port options and customize your failover preference.
Prevent disconnection, even on proxy failure.
Auto-switch locations when proxy fails between best or same location.
Proxy Port
Choose which port to connect to between 443 or 9443.
Other Features
Unlock Content
Strict No-Logging Policy
Custom whitelisting
Servers in over 69 Countries & 112 Cities
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